GBB VORETO boys's Children's Sandals in Blue

GBB VORETO boys's Children's Sandals in Blue Leather, Available in boy's sizes. 7 toddler,7.5 toddler,8 toddler,9 toddler. Shoe designed specifically to accompany the first steps: Asymmetrical surface: prevents the foot from sliding from the support surface by keeping it in the axis of the step Ergonomic and nesting back Front reinforcement to protect the toes from shocks Foam reinforcement on the back to protect the calves Non-slip sole Velcro and buckle to fasten GBB TIP: Always wear a new shoe with socks for the first few days; and allow some time for the leather to soften. French design Product adhering to the INNOSHOE charter: promise that the products respect the highest standards of safety. Free Delivery and Returns. (EAN:3608925260348)
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