Klimatex ARSI dark blue - Men’s functional thermal underpants

The Klimatex ARSI functional underpants are made of a luxurious material. The seamless technology minimizes the number of seams,thus eliminating skin irritation. The special zones and structures for optimal skin ventilation are made by knitting, not sewing. The extra elastic material adapts to your body. The luxurious material with high polypropylene content, ensures the optimal micro-climate. The polypropylene fibre is lightweight, has excellent thermal and insulation properties, wicks sweat away, keeping the skin dry and odourless, it is colourfast and prevents the propagation of bacteria. It ensures maximum moisture wicking and quick drying. The material is ideal for increased physical stress, helps maintain an optimum skin temperature, eliminates temperature fluctuations when switching between high-effort and rest phases (e.g. active phase of skiing and then passive phase on the cable car). Prevents chilling.
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